Some people just have too much creativity to be kept boxed up. This fine young lad decided his closet doors were much too mundane for his liking. Whilst having lovely members of the opposite sex visit your bedroom, ambiance is key. What follows is a reproduction of the Great Wave off Kanagawa, which is a famous print of Japanese wood block roots.

It took three months to complete, but as you can see here, it was worth it.

Step 1, clean the doors for a fresh canvas

source: DubwooferMusic

He started to draw the outline once the blue background was in place

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By using a grid like you did in high school, he kept things in proportion

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Start by adding white to the waves

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Such fine detail required months of painstaking effort

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All good things take effort

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If he moves, he should take the doors with him

source: DubwooferMusic

This guy must have the patience of Job to be able to hang in there that long to ensure his Great Wave mural came out to perfection. You better get started now if you want one in your room :-)

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