mashtop doves nest

This amazing photo is a close up of a Dove and her babies. If you’ve every heard the familiar cooooo cooooo coooo sound during a quiet time outdoors, you’ll know that doves are a really interesting bird, learn more about them now :-)

mashtop doves nest
source: imgur

1. You’ll often see doves collecting seeds from the ground. It may not be for eating them right away. By stockpiling their food in a “crop” which is a part of their throat, they can save nutrition for digestion at a later time.

2. Doves main source of food is seeds, rather than insects. A favorite of doves is the seed of weeds, so be happy when you see them around if you like your lawn weed free!

3. That awesome sound you hear them make is usually coming from the male. The male dove is literally trying to “Woo” his potential mate.

4. At nap time, the dove will rest her head between her shoulders rather than tucking their heads under the shoulder feathers like many other birds.

5. Doves are amazingly fast fliers! Doves have been clocked at over 55mph!

6. Doves like to have babies in groups of two. When laying eggs, a single egg is not common, two is the norm, and two weeks is the incubation time.

7. The parents of the baby dove will feed crop milk also known as ‘pigeon milk’ to the newborns for the beginning days of life. It is highly rich in fat and protein, and looks like cottage cheese. This food comes from the parents crop area where they store seeds, and they regurgitate the milk into the babies mouth.

8. The Mourning Dove is related to the common Passenger Pigeon.

9. Doves will often mate for life!

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15mashtop objects cut in half

Learning is fun and one of the best ways to learn is to look inside of something. Remember dissecting the frog in biology class? This is kind of like that! Well, not really, since the objects cut in half here were not alive, save for the tree. These are really incredible, enjoy them now :-)

1. Do you notice anything funny in this first picture?  Look closely and you’ll see that yes, a golf ball is wedged into the center of tree, and the lumberjack just happened to pick the right spot to cut through to expose it.  Just Amazing!

15mashtop objects cut in half
source: Imgur

2.  If you’ve ever wondered what the internals of the plane you last flew on looks like, have a look at this one!

14mashtop objects cut in half
source: Imgur

3.  This turtle was not hurt during the making of this image!

13mashtop objects cut in halfsource: ufxstudios

4.  Those guys in Office Space should have cut their printer in half like this one, not destroyed it with a bat…  Actually, that scene was awesome, yes they should have destroyed it :-)

12mashtop objects cut in half
source: Imgur

5.  This is what your toothpaste actually looks like!

11mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

6.  I Love this one!  A High Performance engine cut in half!

10mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

7.  A piece of wood that has been used to stir countless cans of paint over time.

9mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

8. Amazing shot of a Canon 1Ds Camera with 400mm Lens Cut in Half

8mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

9.  This is what protects your head when you ride a motorcycle.

7mashtop objects cut in halfsource: White Dog Bikes

10.  The closest we’ll come to that frog dissection we mentioned earlier.

6mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Flickr

11.  An amazing cross section of a grenade, not the Jersey Shore kind.

4mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

12.  The Cavity Maker.  A Jaw Breaker Candy.

2mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

13. Last but not least, A Leica Camera Lens Cut in Half.

1mashtop objects cut in halfsource: Imgur

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10mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings

Xavier Casalta is a French illustrator that makes use of only a black Isograph 0.10mm pen, and draws collections of dots the size of a speck of dust then follows that up with many thousands more to create amazing typography, shadows, and gradients.

10mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
8mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
9mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
7mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
6mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
4mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
3mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
1mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings
2mashtop Xavier Casalta Drawings

At just 21 years of age, Xavier already commands a great sense of composition as is displayed in his ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ project which is a visual interpretation of the phrase in 10 different designs. Be sure to check out more of Casalta’s work on his website and pickup limited edition prints in his shop.  

source: Fubiz

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