The saying goes that they were doing something like Rabbits. They must have been doing it alot on Rabbit Island because there are a gazillion Rabbits and the place is bursting at the seems with the little critters.

The formal name of RI is Okunoshima and it is bunny heaven.

Bunnies Everywhere

Apparently they used to make poison gas here in WW2, the new bunnies will have none of that.

The Rabbits now Rule the Roost


It’s a hot bed for visitors looking to play with bunnies


If you dare feed them, you may be overcome by a bunny surprise, just look at what happens in this video!

source: YouTube

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Is selfie in the English dictionary yet? I’m guessing yes, since the President is taking selfies left and right these days. The selfie has become a pop culture phenom. Why? Probably because we’re all obesessed with ourselves.

So jump on the bandwagon and learn here how to make the most of your selfies.

I don’t like snow selfie

At times, winter gets old. Even the most diehard snowboarder will at some point yearn for a summer breeze. Your followers will be able to relate to the I’m sick of winter selfie.

I got a grill selfie

If you’re going to rock a grill, you must bust out a few selfies
nice grillesource: badgalriri / Instagram

Who hasn’t done a mirror selfie yet?

A little overplayed, but still useful
mirror selfiesource: manrepeller / Instagram

Diva Selfies

Even if your name is not Mariah Carey, you can still be a Diva
diva selfie

Eyes On Yourself

Alexa Chung shows us how it’s done. Helps to be as beautiful as her.
eyes on yourselfsource: chungalexa / Instagram

Crouching mirror selfie

Not sure where it came from, but, ok.
crouching mirror

Half of your face selfie

Always fun and effective, bust out a half face selfie, especially if you have a pimple brewing on one side
half face selfiesource: chungalexa / Instagram

If all else fails, make a peace sign

This lady give you the 101

As long as you don’t take a selfie like this, YOU’RE WINNING!

how not to selfie

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Winter time is a time for snow, sleet, and freezing rain. A time for days off from school, sledding down hills, and going skiing. It’s also a magical time in the animal kingdom where snow is free from the dirt and grime of busses, cars, and trucks. Animals have a particularly beautiful part of winter time beauty.

Some of the animals here might look cold, but most likely they are doing just fine. In the winter, many of these animals will naturally store additional body fat, not to mention add bodily fur to shield them from the low temperatures. Take a look at some of these delightful animals enjoying nature:

1mashtopanimals-in-winter-5source: Roeselien Raimond

2mashtopanimals-in-winter-1source: Felix Smith

3mashtopanimals-in-winter-2source: Esmée Prexus

4mashtopanimals-in-winter-4source: unknown

5mashtopanimals-in-winter-18source: Alina S

6mashtopanimals-in-winter-7source: Mikael Sundberg

7mashtopanimals-in-winter-3source: Keith Williams

8mashtopanimals-in-winter-12source: Edwin Kats

9mashtopanimals-in-winter-9source: Cody Eichelberger

10mashtopanimals-in-winter-13source: imgur

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