I won’t be visiting any of these places any time soon, but if I could afford it, you can bet I’d be on the next jet to visit! Number 9 is my favorite, enjoy!

1. Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily

Located in the hills of Taormina and having views of Sicily’s volcanic coastline and Mount Etna, Grand Hotel Timeo is surrounded by ancient architecture and the serene blue Mediterranean.
1mashtophotelGrand-Hotel-Timeo-An-Orient-Express-Hotelsource: ronphillipstravel.com

Grand Hotel Timeo  has a restaurant terrace that offers one of the best views in Europe.
2mashtophotelgrand-hotel-timeo-20source: ronphillipstravel.com

2. Hotel De L’Europe, Amsterdam

The Hotel De L’Euope was originally a tower built to defend the city from invaders and has been occupied since the 17th century. It looks over the beautiful Amstel River, and is at the very center of historic Amsterdam.

3. Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

The Ritz Carlton is the highest hotel in the world as it sits atop this massive skyscraper, offering amazing views of the city.
4mashtophotelRitz-Carlton-Hong-Kongsource: worldpropertychannel.com

At 118 floors high, it also has the highest pool in the world!

4. Lion Sands, South Africa

If you are the outdoor type then Lion Sands is for you.  It is a thrilling and completely uncovered hotel that put you into the wilderness. The rooms are located high up so you don’t get eaten by a lion.
6mashtophotelsource: cntraveler.com

5. Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

Gritti Palace dates back to 1475 and is located on the most enchanting stretch of the Grand Canal, opposite the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. The structure was once owned by the doge of Venice and still offers the unbeatable Venetian style.
7mashtophotelsource: cntraveler.com

6. Aqua Dome, Austria

Aqua Dome wellness resort is located 21,000 feet atop the Alps and surrounded by 100 miles of perfect ski slopes. The hotel offers luxurious spas with hot water pulled from a large thermal spring nearby.
8mashtophotelsource: reddit.com

7. The Caves Resort, Jamaica

Caves Resort is built inside the limestone cliffs of Jamaica’s coastline, how cool is that?!  The Caves are so close to the Atlantic Ocean, you can breathe and smell the salt air. The cliff walls could be considered a museum of ancient fossilized marine life.
9mashtophotelsource: expedia.com

8. Conrad Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

Conrad Rangali Island Resort offers the world’s first entirely underwater bedroom.  The islands above are home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, plankton, bluefish, and vast coral reef.
10mashtophotelsource: blogspot.com

9. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

In order to see a truly spectacular vision of the Northern Lights, one could visit Hotel Kakslauttanen and watch as they fall asleep. It is miles away from the nearest city,and offers a rare, unpolluted view of the starry night sky.
mashtopfinlandsource: greatinspire.com

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