When the genders are flipped, things really come to light regarding some of the terrible things that happen to women in a male dominated world.

Might not be SFW (safe for work), but it is worth the time.


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1mashtop animals

Twenty years ago, a vet technician named Janice Wolf set up a refuge to help animals in need.

1mashtop animals

She committed her life to those who had been abused, left on the side of the road, starved, and deemed “beyond hope”.

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Her amazing work earned her more patients, and her heart was too big to turn them down.

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Before she knew it, she was flooded with 60 animals of all different species.

4mashtop animals

Some of the animals never come into natural contact with the other species…

5mashtop animals

And most of them had already gotten off to tragic starts in life.

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Everyone thought it seemed like a recipe for disaster. But Janice knew better.

7mashtop animals

Her amazing love quickly spread to every animal she touched.

8mashtop animals

They began loving each other too.

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Check out the rescue’s website here, where you can send in a donationSource: dailymail.co.uk

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In the northernmost part of Sweden, Swedish Lapland, there is an orchestra that is unlike any other. They embrace their arctic ancestry by creating music with something we’ve never seen before: ice.

Ice Music is a “celebration of the winter spirit” of Swedish Lapland, which is a winter wonderland for most of the year. Their “ice-struments” are all custom made and are capable of making absolutely beautiful music.