2mashtop wilderness photo winners

The winners of the 2014 B&H Wilderness Photo Competition have recently been announced! B&H hosted this competition in order to celebrate the concept of conservation and Partnered with South African Airways and ecotourism company Wilderness Safaris to make this competition a reality. The goal was to capture the beauty of nature, while at the same time raising awareness about how important it is to protect the natural wonders of our world.

Take a look at these stunning photos now!

Grand Prize / Jamie MacArthur (United Kingdom)
2mashtop wilderness photo winners
People’s Choice Charles Chessler (USA)
3mashtop wilderness photo winners
Land Mammals Giorgia Karampatou (Abu Dhabi)
4mashtop wilderness photo winners
Aquatic (Marine and Freshwater) Cary Maures (USA)
5mashtop wilderness photo winners
Culture/Wilderness/People Adam Jurgilewicz (Poland)
6mashtop wilderness photo winners
Amphibians & Reptiles Christopher Schlaf (USA)
7mashtop wilderness photo winners
Conservation/Man and the Environment Jeffrey Kirkpatrick (Australia)
8mashtop wilderness photo winners
Animals in Zoos and Captivity Octavio Aburto (Mexico)
9mashtop wilderness photo winners
Macro (Flora/Insects) Peter Alinson (USA)
10mashtop wilderness photo winners
Landscape/Scenery Petar Sabol (Croatias)
11mashtop wilderness photo winners

source: B&H Wilderness Photo Competition Website

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6mashtop color splash

This is what is called Clourant which is something that captures huge splashes of colored liquid hovering in midair with a high speed camera. This is the genious of Floto+Warner Studio made up of Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto. Have a look at this collection of stunning images now!

6mashtop color splash

9mashtop color splash

5mashtop color splash

8mashtop color splash

2mashtop color splash

7mashtop color splash

4mashtop color splash

1mashtop color splash

3mashtop color splash

10mashtop color splash
source: Check out their website and prints which are available through Vaughan Hannigan

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3mashtop hand painted shoes

Sometimes you just want to be the coolest cat on the block. Well, you won’t be hitting cool status with those tired old $hit kickers you call shoes that are strapped to your feet. Witness the creations of Lace Out Studios and get your shoe envy on when you see these epic paintings on white canvas of Famous Pop Culture Icons. Could this be the next big thing in footwear fashion?

3mashtop hand painted shoes

6mashtop hand painted shoes

8mashtop hand painted shoes

2mashtop hand painted shoes

1mashtop hand painted shoes

12mashtop hand painted shoes

7mashtop hand painted shoes

9mashtop hand painted shoes

4mashtop hand painted shoes

11mashtop hand painted shoes

10mashtop hand painted shoes

5mashtop hand painted shoes
source: Facebook , crimfightr

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