14mashtop small house sustain

Living in a big fat home might seem like the way to go, especially for all of you that are brainwashed by the various Real Housewives shows. Housewives in Orange County, Housewives in Beverly Hills, Housewives in New York City, Married to Medicine – you people can’t seem to get enough! Well this couple here is showing you how its supposed to be done. Gabriella and Andrew Morrison said F That to the Rat Race and took it upon themselves to live a more sustainable lifestyle in a small house that is brilliantly designed and boldly beautiful. Check them out here and feel their style :-)

14mashtop small house sustain

5mashtop small house sustain

15mashtop small house sustain

2mashtop small house sustain

12mashtop small house sustain

4mashtop small house sustain

8mashtop small house sustain

7mashtop small house sustain

6mashtop small house sustain

13mashtop small house sustain

11mashtop small house sustain

10mashtop small house sustain

9mashtop small house sustain

3mashtop small house sustain

source: Tiny House imgur.com

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2mashtop grass on balcony

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony, you’ll know that sometimes the cold concrete floor is not the most welcoming of surfaces. You migh throw a few empty beer cans out there, or a friend might go out for some fresh air during a party, but have you ever thought of a way to put that space to a better use? Check out the creativity of this girl and what she did with her balcony!

2mashtop grass on balcony

3mashtop grass on balcony

4mashtop grass on balcony

5mashtop grass on balcony

6mashtop grass on balcony

7mashtop grass on balcony

8mashtop grass on balcony

9mashtop grass on balcony

10mashtop grass on balcony

11mashtop grass on balcony

12mashtop grass on balcony

13mashtop grass on balcony

source: Imgur Reddit


If you’re a nature lover that likes to go on hikes and the like to get a glimpse of nature and the animals within it, you’ll know that it is not often you are able to spot an Owl in the wild! They are stunningly beautiful birds, and this luck artist has a pet Northern White Faced Owl that likes to draw with him! Take a look here :-)


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