6mashtop color splash

This is what is called Clourant which is something that captures huge splashes of colored liquid hovering in midair with a high speed camera. This is the genious of Floto+Warner Studio made up of Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto. Have a look at this collection of stunning images now!

6mashtop color splash

9mashtop color splash

5mashtop color splash

8mashtop color splash

2mashtop color splash

7mashtop color splash

4mashtop color splash

1mashtop color splash

3mashtop color splash

10mashtop color splash
source: Check out their website and prints which are available through Vaughan Hannigan

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4mashtop karla mialynne

We came across some more great works of art by Karla Mialynne. She has amazing talent and is able to create stunningly realistic depictions of the world around us. Karla makes use of acrylic paint, water color pencils, and colored markers to create her masterpieces.

4mashtop karla mialynne
7mashtop karla mialynne
17mashtop karla mialynne
2mashtop karla mialynne
8mashtop karla mialynne
1mashtop karla mialynne
6mashtop karla mialynne
14mashtop karla mialynne
18mashtop karla mialynne
16mashtop karla mialynne
9mashtop karla mialynne
12mashtop karla mialynne

source: www.karlamialynne.com

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