7mashtop oakoak street artist

Oakoak is a street artist that has a great sense of humor in creating really cool artistic inventions on all kinds of urban landscapes. You’ll find superheroes and all kinds of pop culture characters juxtaposed against crumbling infrastructure, streets, and sidewalks.

7mashtop oakoak street artist

4mashtop oakoak street artist

3mashtop oakoak street artist

10mashtop oakoak street artist

8mashtop oakoak street artist

2mashtop oakoak street artist

6mashtop oakoak street artist

9mashtop oakoak street artist

5mashtop oakoak street artist

source: oakoak

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3mashtop hand painted shoes

Sometimes you just want to be the coolest cat on the block. Well, you won’t be hitting cool status with those tired old $hit kickers you call shoes that are strapped to your feet. Witness the creations of Lace Out Studios and get your shoe envy on when you see these epic paintings on white canvas of Famous Pop Culture Icons. Could this be the next big thing in footwear fashion?

3mashtop hand painted shoes

6mashtop hand painted shoes

8mashtop hand painted shoes

2mashtop hand painted shoes

1mashtop hand painted shoes

12mashtop hand painted shoes

7mashtop hand painted shoes

9mashtop hand painted shoes

4mashtop hand painted shoes

11mashtop hand painted shoes

10mashtop hand painted shoes

5mashtop hand painted shoes
source: Facebook , crimfightr

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If you’re a nature lover that likes to go on hikes and the like to get a glimpse of nature and the animals within it, you’ll know that it is not often you are able to spot an Owl in the wild! They are stunningly beautiful birds, and this luck artist has a pet Northern White Faced Owl that likes to draw with him! Take a look here :-)


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