1 mashtop pointer

There is a peculiar similarity to all of these pictures. Can you spot what it is?!

1 mashtop pointer
2 mashtop pointer
3 mashtop pointer
4 mashtop pointer
5 mashtop pointer
6 mashtop pointer
7 mashtop pointer
8 mashtop pointer
9 mashtop pointer
10 mashtop pointer
11 mashtop pointer
12 mashtop pointer
13 mashtop pointer
14 mashtop pointer
15 mashtop pointer
16 mashtop pointer
17 mashtop pointer

These fun pictures are a result of the sorcery of a magician that can be found at studiomoniker To use up the next 4 hours of your time (and have a blast doing it) just visit PointerPointer and have some fun yourself!

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know your shit

Some people really like to know what they’re doing. It’s a noble goal, and we all should know what we are doing. When it comes to Grammar though, not only should we know what we’re doing, we should know our shit cold.

For if we don’t, this may happen to us:

know your shit

Blink Blink

Luke Mandle had sent this photo to boing boing of his young son crafting some pancakes. If you’ll notice, there is a peculiar difference between his image on the left vs the image captured in the screen reflection.

Do you know why his eyes are closed on the left but open on the right? Check below the picture for the answer:

Blink Blink
Blink Blink
Answer! If one blinks faster than the shutter on the camera taking the picture, you may see this effect!

source: boingboing

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