Friends, we know BS is what makes the world go round. Whether you specialize in a BS, MS, or PHd, we know this is simply bullshit, more of the same, and piled higher and deeper. What you really need to move ahead is a toolkit for effective buzzword usage. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll uncover once you master this skill. So without further ado, lets learn by example so we can get these buzzwords in play asap.

Let’s touch base to arrange a little face time so we can appear fully engaged… let’s be proactive, synergistic and leverage this thing… better yet, let’s circle back and do a deep dive so we can empower a paradigm shift with a value added, team building, best of breed, Six Sigma, perfect storm that could go viral… and be scalable!

It can be a loss leader, but let’s focus on the low hanging fruit… also, look for change agents that generate robust ideation… make sure the concept has legs and allows our stakeholders to focus on our core competencies with seamless integration… as for the action items and next steps? Well, we’re going to be proactive and bench mark the bottom line… that’s the bottom line– in all candor… So that at the end of the day, we’re on plan, even if we’re off plan… we’ll have to manage upmanage down… and manage expectations

Net-net: It’s a win-win.

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