13mashtop marty cooper art

Marty Cooper is a fascinating artist that uses storyboard techniques to create wonderful cartoons that interact with real world everyday objects. Similar to the great work by October Jones, Cooper makes his creations come to life. By using a transparent file with white out and a sharpie, he quickly brings a creation into being then holds it against the real world background to snap a photo. The results are Fantastic!

13mashtop marty cooper art
12mashtop marty cooper art
11mashtop marty cooper art
10mashtop marty cooper art
9mashtop marty cooper art
8mashtop marty cooper art
7mashtop marty cooper art
6mashtop marty cooper art
5mashtop marty cooper art
4mashtop marty cooper art
3mashtop marty cooper art
2mashtop marty cooper art

source: Marty Cooper

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1 mashtop pointer

There is a peculiar similarity to all of these pictures. Can you spot what it is?!

1 mashtop pointer
2 mashtop pointer
3 mashtop pointer
4 mashtop pointer
5 mashtop pointer
6 mashtop pointer
7 mashtop pointer
8 mashtop pointer
9 mashtop pointer
10 mashtop pointer
11 mashtop pointer
12 mashtop pointer
13 mashtop pointer
14 mashtop pointer
15 mashtop pointer
16 mashtop pointer
17 mashtop pointer

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