1 read the paper

Greetings good people of the interwebs. Do you like a mish mash of fun things mixed up together in their own little stew? We do, and you will too, when you check out these 14 fun snapshots of completely random things. Pull up a chair and enjoy :-)

1 read the paper
Lets Read The Headlines
2 cracked ice
Majestic Cracked Ice
3 synchronized swimming hurts
Could you watch your foot? please?
4 iphone selfie
Look at my new iPhone
6 consistency wins
If there ever was a truth
6 hi
Yes, I’m Beautiful
7 only time ill take a selfie
I’m not, so I’ll take a selfie in the foggy mirror
8 don't park here
If I find the Tow Truck Man, He is TOAST
9 good job
Fitness Is Key
10 watch me handstand
Um… Yeah
11 sorry bud
Sorry bout that, friend!
12 ha ha
I know, right?!
13 think about it
Think about it
5 watch me take a dump
Does something SMELL in here?
14 sunday
I look good, but I will GET YOU

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15mashtop funny

Look, sometimes things don’t go our way. In cases like these, we can only laugh, because if we don’t, we’ll cry. Here are some classic misshaps captured on film, don’t worry we’re sure the victims are having a better day today than they were when these happened. Enjoy!

15mashtop funny
14mashtop funny
13mashtop funny
12mashtop funny
10mashtop funny
9mashtop funny
8mashtop funny
7mashtop funny
6mashtop funny
5mashtop funny
4mashtop funny
2mashtop funny
1mashtop funny

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