puppy hand stand

I love dogs so much! They are fun to play frisbee with, take for long walks, or for watching them eat their dinner. Wait, say what?! This Yorkie proceeds to do a handstand during the daily meal, I couldn’t believe it – you gotta see this!

puppy hand stand

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Drink Much?

We’ve all been there, maybe had one too many long island iced teas.
The drunk dude in this picture never met Tom Hanks. Really?

The story goes, Tom was at a bar with his friends having a few beers, when he saw this dude, passed out.. 3 sheets to the wind. He went over to check on him.

Tom saw that the drunk guy’s cell was on the table, so he had the bartender take some pics then put the cell back in the guy’s pocket. Tom and his buddy finished up and left shortly after!

Drink Much?

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Who you lookin' at?

The next time you’re on a train, bus, or aeroplane, try what the great October Jones does and create some hilarious cartoons!  These 7 are too funny :-)

Source: Twitter

Who you lookin' at?








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