2mashtop grass on balcony

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony, you’ll know that sometimes the cold concrete floor is not the most welcoming of surfaces. You migh throw a few empty beer cans out there, or a friend might go out for some fresh air during a party, but have you ever thought of a way to put that space to a better use? Check out the creativity of this girl and what she did with her balcony!

2mashtop grass on balcony

3mashtop grass on balcony

4mashtop grass on balcony

5mashtop grass on balcony

6mashtop grass on balcony

7mashtop grass on balcony

8mashtop grass on balcony

9mashtop grass on balcony

10mashtop grass on balcony

11mashtop grass on balcony

12mashtop grass on balcony

13mashtop grass on balcony

source: Imgur Reddit

14mashtop ansel adams wilderness

Ansel Adams is a name known for stunning photography. I’ve often just sat and stared at his photos on the wall in my office. Maybe you too find his images powerful and peaceful at the same time. Thats why when I came across this tribute to Ansel Adams by National Geographic photographer Pete Essick, I had to highlight his photos. Essick captured these images you see here, and I find he does pay a fine tribute to the great Ansel Adams. Enjoy.

14mashtop ansel adams wilderness

8mashtop ansel adams wilderness

12mashtop ansel adams wilderness

9mashtop ansel adams wilderness

15mashtop ansel adams wilderness

6mashtop ansel adams wilderness

13mashtop ansel adams wilderness

16mashtop ansel adams wilderness

7mashtop ansel adams wilderness

4mashtop ansel adams wilderness

2mashtop ansel adams wilderness

11mashtop ansel adams wilderness

10mashtop ansel adams wilderness

3mashtop ansel adams wilderness

5mashtop ansel adams wilderness

source: PetaPixel Boston.com

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1mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson

Artist Erin Hanson studied at UC Berkeley in both art and bioengineering. Quite a challenging combination if you ask me! After finishing college, Erin was once again inspired to create art after a visit to Red Rock Canyon. Amazingly, Erin then began to create one new painting every week and continues with her paintings today at eight years later. Have a look at some of her beautiful work here!

1mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
3mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
6mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
2mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
8mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
4mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
7mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
5mashtop Oil Landscapes Erin Hanson
source: http://erinhanson.com