11mashtop brunocatalano

What you’re about to witness will have you crying “Photoshop Trickery!” but that is not actually the case. These are in fact real statues made from bronze by a French Sculptor named Bruno Catalano. I definitely thought they were fake when I first saw them, but his series named “Les Voyageurs”, are just very creative works of art that put working people on display with large parts of their body missing. They were first shown in Marselilles for it’s designation of the 2013 Euro Capital of Culture. It appears that some of them are ready to fall over since they have such minimal support, but I guess these incredible qualities are just the genius of a creative mind. Check them out now!

11mashtop brunocatalano
10mashtop brunocatalano
9mashtop brunocatalano
8mashtop brunocatalano
7mashtop brunocatalano
6mashtop brunocatalano
5mashtop brunocatalano
4mashtop brunocatalano
3mashtop brunocatalano
2mashtop brunocatalano
1mashtop brunocatalano
source: brunocatalano.com

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