14mashtop ansel adams wilderness

Ansel Adams is a name known for stunning photography. I’ve often just sat and stared at his photos on the wall in my office. Maybe you too find his images powerful and peaceful at the same time. Thats why when I came across this tribute to Ansel Adams by National Geographic photographer Pete Essick, I had to highlight his photos. Essick captured these images you see here, and I find he does pay a fine tribute to the great Ansel Adams. Enjoy.

14mashtop ansel adams wilderness

8mashtop ansel adams wilderness

12mashtop ansel adams wilderness

9mashtop ansel adams wilderness

15mashtop ansel adams wilderness

6mashtop ansel adams wilderness

13mashtop ansel adams wilderness

16mashtop ansel adams wilderness

7mashtop ansel adams wilderness

4mashtop ansel adams wilderness

2mashtop ansel adams wilderness

11mashtop ansel adams wilderness

10mashtop ansel adams wilderness

3mashtop ansel adams wilderness

5mashtop ansel adams wilderness

source: PetaPixel Boston.com

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16mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy

This collection, aptly named ‘Facades’ by professional photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy captivates the imagination and senses with style.

16mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
14mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
12mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
10mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
8mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
6mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
4mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy
2mashtop Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy

source: Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy’s Facades is a series that places one in surroundings where the outer shell or facade takes precedence over the actual structure it represents. The Facade is a representation of the surface, much like a cover to a book, yet in this instance it is the building’s shell to its contents. The goal is to offer a vision of a world that is only captured in the form of a picture lacking in real space.

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Legos are really awesome. You still love to play with them, admit it. :-) Well, maybe you do or don’t, but I surely do. Legos are so good for our minds and our children’s minds to help with instruction, creativity, and most of all fun! In true creative Lego Spirit, a British photographer named Andrew Whyte has coined a new artform in “Legography!” Legography is all about the adventures of a single LEGO photographer, which travels the United Kingdom with Andrew, and is involved in all kinds of situations then taking a picture of him in action using his iPhone. It’s really cool, check it out!

Look at this cool London double-decker bus.

The early bird gets the worm

A Lego Man shoots rain or shine!

Even Lego Man Loves Trains

At one with nature

Look at how tall that is

Oh no!

I Love You!

I’m getting the heck out of here!

Bent, not broken

Warms my heart


Have a coke and a smile

Beautiful ship


Damn oil companies


Is that Thomas the Tank Engine?

Hmm, look at these shrooms

Sittin by the dock of the bay.

This is AWESOME! Check out how he even changed his shirt, which made him seem just a little more human. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile, I guess I’m just a Lego Junkie :-)

source: Andrew Whyte Photography

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