Look people, beauty is not about what goes on in what you see on the rag mag covers, or these stupid fashion shows you see in the big cities. Starved women, staring into the abyss with utter emptiness in their eyes, mechanically moving down a catwalk. It’s sad really. Beautiful people are all around you, in your everyday life, and they don’t look like what the media has told you they should look like.

They are people full of courage and determination. People that work and sacrifice for others, and people that succeed in the face of adversity. Danielle Sheypuk is one such strong woman that made history by conquering the catwalk in a wheelchair. She’s been in a wheelchair since age two, but has become a successful Doctor who helps people with physical challenges in their lives. If only all of us could focus on the truly beautiful and brave people in the world. Bravo Danielle Sheypuk, Bravo!

source: Upworthy
source: The Huffington Post

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