4mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

It’s a known fact that swimming is great for you. The no impact, soothing to the body, and aerobically challenging activity is super for keeping you fit, while allowing your joints like your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders to skip the strain they would get in other forms of exercise. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if all of us could swim everyday in some of these mind blowing swimming pools? I wish I could! Even if we can’t swim in them ourselves, we can enjoy the views of them now :-)

1. Gorgeous Pool at Hanging Gardens in Bali Indonesia source: onebigphoto.com
4mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

2. The biggest pool in the world, the San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool in Chile. source: sanalfonsco.cl
9mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

3. San Luis Obispo California is home to the Neptune Pool source: hearstcastle.org
11mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

4. The Pool at Velassaru Resort in the Maldives source: velassaru.com
7mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

5. Mardan Palace Antalya Pool in Turkey source: mardanpalace.com.tr
31mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

6. Pool at Biras Creek in the British Virgin Islands source: cntraveler.com
28mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

7. In St Regis Tibet is the amazing Gold Energy Pool source: starwoodhotels.com
5mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

8. Chongwe River House Pool in Zambia Africa – Amazing! kiwicollection.com
6mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

9. Boucan Hotel Chocolat in St Lucia source: hotelchocolat.com
24mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

10. Sarojin Resort pool Phang Nga Thailand  source: sarojin.com
32mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

11. Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore source: photography.nationalgeographic.com
2mashtop mind blowing swimming pools

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Swimming is one of the best things we can do for our body. It provides the chance to tax your body minus the harsh impact on your back, knees, and joints, that say something like running would do to you. Did you know that when your body is under water, it actually becomes lighter? Even if you are only half submerged, your legs only need to carry 50 percent of the normal load! If you need to get some exercise in and you have weight issues or suffer from arthritis, then swimming is right up your alley. Of course it helps if the pools are as gorgeous as the ones here. Have fun swimming!


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