Is selfie in the English dictionary yet? I’m guessing yes, since the President is taking selfies left and right these days. The selfie has become a pop culture phenom. Why? Probably because we’re all obesessed with ourselves.

So jump on the bandwagon and learn here how to make the most of your selfies.

I don’t like snow selfie

At times, winter gets old. Even the most diehard snowboarder will at some point yearn for a summer breeze. Your followers will be able to relate to the I’m sick of winter selfie.

I got a grill selfie

If you’re going to rock a grill, you must bust out a few selfies
nice grillesource: badgalriri / Instagram

Who hasn’t done a mirror selfie yet?

A little overplayed, but still useful
mirror selfiesource: manrepeller / Instagram

Diva Selfies

Even if your name is not Mariah Carey, you can still be a Diva
diva selfie

Eyes On Yourself

Alexa Chung shows us how it’s done. Helps to be as beautiful as her.
eyes on yourselfsource: chungalexa / Instagram

Crouching mirror selfie

Not sure where it came from, but, ok.
crouching mirror

Half of your face selfie

Always fun and effective, bust out a half face selfie, especially if you have a pimple brewing on one side
half face selfiesource: chungalexa / Instagram

If all else fails, make a peace sign

This lady give you the 101

As long as you don’t take a selfie like this, YOU’RE WINNING!

how not to selfie

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