14mashtop stunning villages

There is something special about these cozy villages from various places. Whether it’s their timeless charm, or inviting climate, they all have a special uniqueness. Enjoy these beautiful places now :-)

This incredible star fort is located in the village of Bourtange Groningen Netherlands. It is called Fort Bourtange.

 source: Jan Koster
14mashtop stunning villages

A mystical Village located in the Himalayas of Tibet.

source: Coolbie Re
13mashtop stunning villages

A haunting village in G√°sadalur Faroe Islands.

source: Gareth Codd
12mashtop stunning villages

Hallstatt is a village in the Salzkammergut region in Austria with only 946 inhabitants.

source: unknown
11mashtop stunning villages

In Africa is located this Beautiful sea side village.

source: Michael Poliza
10mashtop stunning villages

A Mountain Village.

source: Mohammadreza Momeni
9mashtop stunning villages

Riomaggiore is a village in the province of La Spezia located in a small valley of the Liguria region of Italy.

source: James Brandon
8mashtop stunning villages

Site of the movie “Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand.

source: Weta Workshop
7mashtop stunning villages

Mist hovers over the countryside in Southwest England.

source: Bob Small
6mashtop stunning villages

A small mountain village in Southern China.

source: Christian Ortiz
5mashtop stunning villages

This village sits on the bank of the Niger river Mali.

source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
4mashtop stunning villages

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