mashtop beer vs coffee info

It is said there is a time for everything, and also that everything in moderation is key. It would seem those two ideas fit in nicely with the good and the bad of Beer and Coffee. Without further ado, take a look at your brain on Coffee vs Beer:

mashtop beer vs coffee info
source: ilovecoffee

Wow. That is really informative. Let’s recap:


Benefits: Beer puts you at ease with the world and ushers in a more creative state. Great ideas come easier with beer.

Drawbacks: Beer can make you drowsy and decrease memory.

When to drink: When you’re looking for a creativity boost.


Benefits: Gives you a jolt of caffeine that only takes minutes to kick in. This will quickly boost your energy and focus.

Drawbacks: Your body will require more coffee to get the same effect over time.

When to drink: Once you have an idea and are ready to execute, drink some coffee to help you focus!

Conclusion: Don’t drink too much beer or coffee, or you will lose the benefits of both. Happy Drinking!

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