We can’t get enough of the Legos here! Check out some of these creations now!

Han Solo Frozen from Star Wars

Nathan Sawaya is a person known for making many of the most incredible LEGO creations. This Star Wars life-size Han Solo took over 3 months to build using thousands and thousands dark grey bricks. The 3D effect on this model is really incredible.
4mashtop best lego creations

A Lego Dino

This lego wonder took 7 months to complete. It stands over 6 feet tall and is 14 feet long!
6mashtop best lego creations

Worship with Lego

This beautiful LEGO church has incredible detail and accuracy. It has an organ, an 80 person choir, a glass roof, and a complete sermon written from the perspective of a LEGO preacher.
8mashtop best lego creations

Saturn Rocket!

It’s 19 feet tall!
12mashtop best lego creations

Robot vs Godzilla

The builders imagination ran wild with this robot and Godzilla.
14mashtop best lego creations

New Orleans

Built after hurricane Katrina in 2005, each building was inspired by drawings submitted by children who were asked what was important in the rebuilding of New Orleans.
16mashtop best lego creations

A Rug of Lego

No need to skin a bear, the Lego rug is here!
18mashtop best lego creations

Lego Mona Lisa

48 square foot masterpiece of the Mona Lisa.
3mashtop best lego creations

Lego Angry Birds

My personal favorite, the Angry Birds Legos!
5mashtop best lego creations

Storybook Castle

In dedication to Waldo H. Hunt, the King of the Pop-Up Story Book.
7mashtop best lego creations

The Impossible Lego Staircase”

Which way do I go?!
9mashtop best lego creations

The Lego Sea Serpent

A former creation in Orlando Florida.
11mashtop best lego creations

25 Days of LEGO

A giant advent calendar that has 25 carefully themed rooms for each day prior to Christmas!
13mashtop best lego creations

The Dancing Lego Janitor

Seeing this janitor with a rose in between his teeth and dipping his mop dance partner brings a smile to all of us!
15mashtop best lego creations

A Lego Bicycle! Built

See if you can spot the special effect in this one!
17mashtop best lego creations

A Life Size LEGO House!

Sometimes people take Lego Building to the ends of the earth, look at this!
19mashtop best lego creations
20mashtop best lego creations
21mashtop best lego creations

source credit: Eric Harshbarger, Nathan Sawaya, Tsang Yiu Keung, Henry Lim, Amy Hughes, Andrew Lipsom, Stephen Sherman, Jeff Megreim, Ryan McNaught, OliveSeon via flickr, Thomas Quine via flickr, BrickMagic flickr

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